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Professional Gaming… Intro

March 28, 2007 Leave a comment
Who want’s to be a professional gamer? (uh I used to, but well I’d rather not now)
Well, here’s an article from an Expert Zone Community Columnist giving us a low down on what and how to become a Professional Gamer
"You love to play games. In fact, if you’re like me, you truly believe that games are the real reason computers were invented. I’ve been playing games habitually since the Atari 2600 was the best system in the world. I’m pretty satisfied in my profession as a tech and gaming industry writer, but a few years ago another dream job emerged, one which probably appeals to everyone who would rather play Battlefield 2 all night than sleep: professional gaming." -> hmm Battlefield 2… I miss that game.
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Games for Windows Game Advisor

March 21, 2007 Leave a comment
Troubled that the game you’re looking for might not work on your current system? No fret!
Games for Windows has its own Game Advisor page that will rate the performance of your PC and stack it up against some of the latest games in the market. It’s pretty nifty since you can save your current PC’s stats and as you upgrade along, you can view how much the PC has imporoved.
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Feedback on the Asus VR Guard Cooler

March 18, 2007 Leave a comment
Like what the review has stated, idle run time of my Dual Core Processor is just around in the 50’s (degrees Celsius) while under load it runs into the 60’s. However, it’s just like my original boxed Heat Sink Fan. BUT there are major differences:
a.) The fan speed is actually slow, so if I jerry rig a faster 80mm fan that would fit in place of the original fan here, it CAN go cooler, but it would be just as noisy as my old HSF… which leads to
b.) It’s really quiet, though, now I kinda miss the jet like sound my old HSF makes.
c.) My motherboard’s temperature actually dropped by 10 degrees from 45 (degrees Celsius) to 35 (degrees Celsius).
All in all it’s quite a bargain. Though I’m thinking if I held back on putting too much of the thermal grease… I only placed two short squirts onto the processor.

Bargain CPU Cooler

March 16, 2007 Leave a comment
Here and back again, I’ll be leaving for work shortly, but let me blog something wonderful I got after leaving the office and went shopping this morning.
I went to V-Mall in Greenhills to go look for a new CPU-Fansink to replace my hot and noisy stock Fansink on my PC. Even if it was already running at full capacity, it never fails me to suddenly shutdown and reboot my PC whenever I play Rainbow Six Vegas on high settings. So, once I was able to scrounge up some cash to buy an upgrade on my cooling system, I went as soon as possible (after work, night shift from the office) to the nearest place where I can buy computer parts, in this case, Greenhills.
I actually had to walk around some to look for a nice and decent Fansink. After a couple of stores, I ended up in Acenet, which was selling some nifty performance parts. It was the only store I saw that’s selling Antec parts, Corsair XMS RAM and whatnot. I asked for a suitable fansink and they recommended me the ASUS VR Guard Fansink. And to my surprise, it only costs Php 500.00 (roughly $10.00USD). Which is a mighty bargain for me.
To emphasize how well this baby handles (and not to mention how old it is actually) here’s a site review of the product:
I’ll commend Asus for brigning out something like the VR Guard. Plus it fits well on my Asus Motherboard to boot!

XBox 360 Wireless Receiver now available…. FOR THE PC!!

March 8, 2007 Leave a comment
Straight from Gamerscore Blog:
"Xbox 360™ Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows®You wanna play Games for Windows with your Xbox 360 controller?  Wirelessly?  It’s finally here! 

The Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows is now available on store shelves for $19.99 (MSRP) and is available at retailers across North America including, GameStop, Wal-Mart and Circuit City. For gamers that need both a wireless controller and receiver, Microsoft is offering the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows which includes both the receiver and controller in one package for $59.95 (MSRP).

The Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows allows the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Xbox 360 Wireless Headset and Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel to work on any Windows Vista or Windows XP (SP1 or higher)-based PC."

Read on!!

Now, where to get one hehehe.

Building a Windows Vista Gaming PC

March 8, 2007 Leave a comment

Posted by me in the Microsoft Philippines Community site:

"I’m reading through this Gamespy Article on Building a Gaming (read again, GAMING) PC for playing games on Windows Vista, plus a short commentary on when it is best to move into Vista. (on a side note, I’m jealous as to how they have access to have funds to buy their equipment. All I can do is wish that some good providers give me parts to build a Gaming test rig for me hehehe) " 

Hmm, now all I need is some cash to pimp out my PC, but then again, all I need is extra RAM (eyeing out those 1GB Corsairs), a better video card (Thinking R600), a better cooling fan (for my now 3.0 GHz Pentium D overclocked CPU), a bigger Hard Disk Drive, and some new chassis cooling fans (neon blue) and cathode lighting to pimp it up some. At least I won’t be spending around something like (Php 138,000, and that’s $2875 to you)

More Games for Windows Vista

March 8, 2007 Leave a comment
Now available in MSN Games are Windows Vista capable games that’s sure to give us some quick delightful fun.

"Yes, we’re all very excited.  ^_^  Three brand-spiffing-new games for Windows Vista just launched on MSN Games!  And yes, that includes Geometry Wars, the insanely popular, equally addictive, and formerly Xbox-only arcade game, now making the leap to PC.  As an added perk, Geometry Wars is priced at a mere $7.95 (all part of our master plan to create a world of sleep-deprived zombie gamers)."

from Gamerscore Blog


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Command and Conquer 3 Demo

March 5, 2007 Leave a comment
Over the past two weekends, I haven’t been able to play some of my games (or read the news) due to work. However, just yesterday I was browsing through some articles over at Gamespy and Games For Windows Magazine ( and learned that there’s now a Command and Conquer 3 demo available now through their respective download sites (FilePlanet for Gamespy and FileFront for and downloaded it. *Be noted that it’s a BIG 1.2GB download, so better use a download manager or have someone who’s been able to download it, share a copy (it’s a demo anyway) with you.
I’m not too familiar with the actual C&C universe (I’m more of the Red Alert and Generals person). All I can say is, with C&C3, it gives back some of the good old formula for classic style C&C gaming (darn, I’ll be missing that humvee-sniper-missile-defender CHEAPO combination in Generals, including the Airstrike special I do in Zero-Hour hehehe )
Well right now I’ll leave a screen cap of the main menu of C&C3… it kinda reminds me of StarCraft’s
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Rainbow Six has gone to Vegas: Review

March 4, 2007 Leave a comment
 I’ve been a fan of the Rainbow Six franchise since it began in the late 90’s, as a novel, then spawned into one of the most successful tactical shooters in history. And in fact I have the actual novel with me, and I was crazy enough to do a paper on this during high school… which was post 9-11 at the time.

Given the uniqueness of the game being a tactical shooter, unlike Counter Strike at that time, Rainbow Six has its own quirks. Instead of being a run and gun shooter like Counter Strike, Rainbow Six presented a whole new realism where we actually plan our assaults through reconaissance report, mapping, and staging nav points on where the troops should be going and what they’re going to be doing. This was the formula in Rainbow Six and up to Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. But with the following release of Lockdown, Rainbow Six changed course and became more of a run and gun shooter… like Counter Strike (which is the King for that part), and so Lockdown bombed out. However, things changed with the arrival of the XBox 360 and improved PC hardware. The new Rainbow Six coming out for this generation had to both cater the heavy action without compromising its roots of being a tactical shooter.  Though I have to warn people that this game, actually requires a very hefty set of system requirements. (I had to overclock my Pentium D 805 to 3.0Ghz, making me need a new cooling fan for the processor.)
Graphics wise, the game is leagues ahead of the last Rainbow Six on the PC, and it closely resembles that of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Environment is very nice, through the use of HDR, Shader effects and all other nice DirectX9c goodies. Though I find the character design a bit rough, same with the gun models. But as for the smoke (particles), lighting, the motion blur, it all looks beautifully done. And when screen capped correctly, it’ll look it was taken with a camera in a real location! (Score: 4.1)
Sound wise, the game actully lessens the background music we’d typically hear from other games. It focuses more on the team chatter, environmental sound (the falling pieces of coins from blown up slot machines, plaster getting chipped off from walls). Gunfire is crisp, and very much real. (Score: 3.5)
Controls this time around is much simplefied, but then it doesn’t have the support for joypads – or is it? I saw my update 1’s readme to have some kind of support from the XBox 360 controller, but since I don’t have an XBox 360 controller yet on my PC, I had to settle with a keyboard and mouse (actually works for me). The first stage actually introduces us the functionality of the hide button (Right mouse button to us PC gamers) for hiding in just about any hideable place on the map. The controls are very user friendly. The spacebar controls just about everything you can do: climb, open doors, command your team… R is still used for reloading, but holding it down gives us access to the menu for switching on our sound suppressors, or our laser pointers, as well as reload. The E key lets us to quick browse through our inventory, holding it gives us a menu for selecting our inventory. the 1-3 keys switch between guns, and 4-5 switches explosives and grenades. Z and X controls the Thermal and Night Vision goggles, but in reality, Thermals are better than NVGs. G controls the rules of engagement of the team, between assault and infiltrate. All in all it’s pretty much simplefied from before, giving us quicker response and better action sequences. (Score: 4.5)
What Redstorm Studios created was a mesh between having a fast shooting gameplay – yet it has the feel of observing, thinking of a plan and executing it on the fly, which its core quality. And we have Rainbow Six Vegas. Additional improvements were smarter AI, they don’t just shoot, they try to sneak or outflank us, they know how to hide and most importantly they do know how to shoot back. The same goes for my team mates. Commands are intuitive, point at a location and press space they go there and act according to what the situation dictates (to the best that they can), or stack-up on doors, or even prepare to rappel downwards.
Take this situation: In "The Spire" level, I have to bust through to a bi-level casino floor/room where many (about 10) terrorists were scattered amongst the slot machines and tables. There are three doors of entry, two on the lower level and another in the upper level. What I did was I placed my two men upstairs to do a sweep of the 2nd level, while I break into the ground floor and provide heavy return fire (c/o a light machine gun I swapped with my sub-machinegun at the weapons cache a room before). Once my team mates are in place I targetted the two tangos perched on the balcony overlooking my entrance. Once I say break in and clear, my two team mates took them out (while I was looking through the snake cam, a cool new feature of looking at enemies inside a room from the outside). Then I break in, but before actually entering, I had to take care of the mounting enemy precence near the door. I did several quick pop and shoot moves from the side of the door to take out two tangos from my view. after doing it, I ordered my guys to sweep the second floor while I made a mad dash to the corner under the 2nd level’s area. I whipped out my LMG and suppressed the tangos that were trying to outflank me at the side. I ordered my team from above to also take out an annoying tango hiding behind a cart as they try to link up with me. We then preceded in cleaning up the entire ground floor with me covering the left side and they the right. I then swapped my LMG with one of their own assualt rifles and used it as an SMG, a very powerful SMG (A SIG552 Commando hehehe)  (Score: 5.0)
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