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Gaming need not be expensive Part 1

May 29, 2007 Leave a comment
As a gamer, I would sometimes find myself at times lacking the cash to buy me both games and hardware. But recently there’s been lots of price drops on computer hardware happening. And these drops aren’t just by hundreds, I’m talking about by the thousands (of Philippine Pesos). There are several factors at hand here: first, the Peso has appreciated much over the last year, from Php 52 = $ 1 a year ago to Php 46 = $ 1 now, secondly, new hardware kept arriving giving a bit of leeway on making the old hardware disappear (the really old hardware) and making the current ones (that are actually quite useful in the coming 3 or so years before they get obsolete), and third, it may be a very far off reason, but I think the launch of Vista did it. The current high end hardware (upper level Pentium Ds and lower level Core 2 Duos) have relatively cheap prices starting at Php 4xxx.00 ( Php 3000.00 cheaper than my Pentium D 805 starter dual core processor LAST YEAR). Same thing goes for RAM I got a 1GB 533 DDR2 for 4k last year, now it costs 2k a pop, very ripe for those who’re still yet to move over to Vista (It’s quite a bonus for these users).
On the next run, I’ll be explaining on how to build a cheaper (year 2007) PC for gaming. (Man I wish I have sponsors to give me the hardware to pull this one off)

StarCraft 2 Gameplay Movie

May 26, 2007 Leave a comment
Here’s another video for StarCraft 2, this time focusing on the new units!
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Electronic Arts Games Sale… in Singapore

May 26, 2007 Leave a comment
This may come a bit of an announcement. But for the gaming community at large in Asia, EA’s having a sale of sorts. Buy 2 Games ANY EA GAME: PC, XBOX, XBOX360, PS2, PS3, PSP, GBA, DS, GC, WII and get an Additional game FREE! (now if only Datablitz sells EA Games like this..)
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StarCraft 2 Movies

May 25, 2007 Leave a comment
I first announced the upcoming StarCraft game without the videos, my bad. So to make up for it, I’m embedding here some videos I got from MSN Soapbox. Starting off with the Trailer movie

I’ll try uploading the gameplay video… but first I’ll have to convert it into a lighter video, it’s in HD so it’s quite BIG.
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Need for Speed 2007

May 24, 2007 Leave a comment
It seems the surprises don’t seem to stop during summer,
EA gave a teaser video of Need for Speed 2007 (working title). And as what sources say, to cut it short, it follows this equation:
NFSU2 + NFS:MW + Burnout + Gran Turismo = NFS2007
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StarCraft II news from Gamespot

May 21, 2007 Leave a comment
Gamespot posted more information regarding StarCraft II. It looks exciting! Can’t wait for the production version to be released!
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StarCraft II Coming Soon!!

May 20, 2007 Leave a comment
After a decade, Blizzard has finally announced the upcoming sequel to one of the cult icons in PC Gaming, StarCraft during their event in Korea just yesterday, May 19, 2007. They gave the Korean gamers (and the whole world for that matter), a glimpse of the game’s new movie, showing a new character, a Terran Marine named Tychus Findlay being released from prison and being equipped with his Marine equipment (and for the first time we learn how/why it seems that marines are human yet mechanical at the same time.
The StarCraft II Website features more information, and currently gives us more information on newer units/structures. We can also download new wallpapers, and the movie from the site as well. I won’t spoil much about the site’s contents. Just head on to :
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Game Talk: Meet the MVPs, Community Day 2007

May 20, 2007 Leave a comment
This afternoon, I gave a talk during the Microsoft Community Day 2007 on what else but Games for Windows. I gave a brief perspective on what the new branding is about to the audience, but given the very short preparation time, I didn’t have the time to polish up on my talk. Though, the talk is just the icing, my actual presentation time was dedicated as a game contest. I had to get 3 guys to race in Need for Speed Carbon’s checkpoint race. And my prize was a copy of Far Cry ( I had to factor in a game that is sure that people have the necessary hardware requirements for the game).
I’ll post the pictures once I get myself a new card reader for my PC.
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Gone out for a spin

May 14, 2007 Leave a comment
As for testing Vista, I played Flight Simulator X and I took out my CS300 stunt plane for a spin around the country side yesterday. And being the bad pilot as I am, I managed to lose myself yet again on the numerous runways in the country. Oh well. I got a couple of pictures while I wrestled the controls and kept doing Ctrl+V to take shots of myself. I just discovered that my Joypad is not that well calibrated to the point that my nose kept diving (hence kept on crashing). This is something that needs to get used to when playing Flight Sim X.
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Running Windows Vista for Games

And so I installed Vista on my machine the past week. And after settling down I started installing my collection of games there.
First off, I tried installing some old games: Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid Substance and StarCraft (circa 1996). Of the three games that were installed, only StarCraft ran well, the other two only reached the menu screen only. The reason? Final Fantasy VIII was written for Windows 95/98 games, and in that it uses very early 32 bit technology and had of course unmanaged code, back in those days, as long as the code works its fine with no concern for safety on managed codes yet, which Vista actually monitors. Though strange, FFVIII shows up well in the Games Explorer window. Next up, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance. Now this is quite a farly new game, which was released in 2002, just about the time Windows XP turned one year old with the SP1. (And I had one for my PS2, my how time really flies, my PS2 is now 5 years old, and my PSOne a decade old!). Now, the problem with this port still lay with the code, the same as FFVIII, it requires an admin account to run the game, and some intricacies involving the code. Tsk too bad (which means I got to hunt any traces of the game for PS2… or XBox har har har). I then installed StarCraft. And true to popular speculation, IT WORKS WELL IN VISTA. Yes, I ran it with full settings, while playing, that meant Aero is on, DreamScene is on (I’m using Vista Ultimate by the way) and there’s no slowdown (obviously).
I tried out some other games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, and there’s not much of a slowdown with the game. It loads in Games Explorer once installed and gives a link to the EA website inside as well. Speed is not an issue with the game on a 1GB PC. Though when it came to newer games like Flight Simulator X, there’s a noticeable drop in gaming quality. To have better framerates, Aero and DreamScene has to be disabled to free-up the video card to process the graphics for newer games / and play High Definition movies without slowing down.
During my stress test, I just found out that in my 1 year old PC, it’s very capable of playing games, though if you’re playing games say, released during 2006 and 2007, some upgrades are necessary, like RAM (1GB, but for the moment I’ll use Ready Boost and my spare 1GB USB Drive to tide me over until I can save on more RAM), and for video, the X1600 PRO can take it, but having a 512MB video card like an X1950 is already a good investment (high performance, yet now priced 1/3 of the original price of 30k from before), or wait for the mid-range X2xxx series from AMD-ATI or the GEForce 8 series from NVIDIA.
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