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DirectX 11 Cards on the Budget

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

AMD/ATI was quite early to bring in their A game with the 5870 and 5850 performance video cards that provides multi monitor performance, 2-3x increased speed in playing games (as opposed to using power hungry Crossfire systems), and DirectX 11 support for Windows 7 (and Vista). And the price of getting one was similar to that of the previous generation’s 4870

But now, the company brings the technology down to the masses. The article from Engadget tells more:

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Modern Warfare 2 Tips and Tricks

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment

As the Holiday Season comes to an end, I noticed an upward trend on my MW2 Multiplayer matches. And with that comes observations on how to do better in the game. The recent cap I got, not from FRAPS, just the plain old PrntScrn key on the keyboard, too bad the game disallows window switching while playing. :-( 


In this particular match, I managed to get this high kill count by ensuring my current player build works well on all aspects, knowing the map, knowing where the enemy’s coming from and knowing exactly what the enemy wear (as there are some sneaky enemies that use some perks to conceal themselves).

*Note: Not all builds presented are be all and end all solutions to all maps and matches.

Know your Set-up


Perk 1
Start – Marathon: Unlimited sprint
    Marathon Pro: Climb obstacles faster – Run 26 miles with Marathon (Replacement for Extreme Conditioning)  
Start – Sleight of Hand: Faster reloading
    Sleight of Hand Pro: Faster aiming down the sights – Get 120 kills with Sleight of Hand
Lv. 13 – Scavenger: Resupply from dead enemies (Replacement for Frag x3 and Special Grenades x3, as it allows you to pick up grenades from bodies)
    Scavenger Pro: Extra magazines – Resupply 100 times while using Scavenger (Replacement for Bandolier)
Lv. 21 – Bling: Two primary weapon attachments
    Bling Pro: Two secondary weapon attachments – Get 200 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments
Lv. 45 – One Man Army: Swap classes at any time; switch takes five seconds and replaces secondary weapon (Spiritual successor to Overkill)
    One Man Army Pro: Swap classes faster – Get 120 kills using One Man Army

Perk 2
Start – Stopping Power: Increased bullet damage against enemy players
    Stopping Power Pro: Extra damage against enemy vehicles (helicopters, AC-130s, etc.) – Get 250 kills using Stopping Power
Start – Lightweight: Move faster
    Lightweight Pro: Quicker aim after sprinting – Sprint 30 miles using Lightweight
Lv. 9 – Hardline: Kill Streaks require one less kill
    Hardline Pro: Death Streaks require one less death – Get 40 killstreaks while using Hardline
Lv. 25 – Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by UAVs, air support, sentries and thermal
    Cold-Blooded Pro: No red crosshair or name when targeted – Destroy 40 enemy killstreak rewards using Cold Blooded (Replacemnt for UAV Jammer)
Lv. 33 – Danger Close: Increased explosive weapons damage (replacement for Sonic Boom or Fireworks)
    Danger Close Pro: Extra air support damage – Get 100 kills with explosives while using Danger Close

Perk 3
Start – Commando: Increased melee distance
    Commando Pro: No fall damage – Get 20 melee kills while using Commando
Start – Steady Aim: Increased hip-fire accuracy
    Steady Aim Pro: Longer hold-breath duration – Get 80 hipfire kills using Steady Aim (replacement for Iron Lungs)
Lv. 17 – Scrambler: Jams enemy radar near the player  
    Scrambler Pro: Delay enemy claymore explosions – Get 50 close range kills using Scrambler
Lv. 29 – Ninja: Invisible to Heartbeat Sensor
    Ninja Pro: Footsteps are silent – Get 50 close range kills using Ninja (replacement for Dead Silence)
Lv. 37 – SitRep: Detect enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions (replacement for Bomb Squad)
    SitRep Pro: Louder enemy footsteps – Destroy 120 enemy devices using SitRep
Lv. 41 – Last Stand: Fall to the ground and use a secondary weapon until bleeding out
    Last Stand Pro: Allows use of equipment while in Last Stand – Get 20 kills while in last stand

For this match’s set-up I used:

Perk 1: Marathon Pro
Perk 2: Lightweight Pro
Perk 3: Commando Pro

This set-up is a basic example of a Melee class for Multiplayer. What it does is make your character reliant on speed to quickly cover ground and attack enemies from behind. From various matches I’ve tried out, Marathon and Lightweight go hand in hand as they complement each other. Commando, meanwhile helps in closing the distance quickly to the target.

To effectively build up the necessary speed, I consider only carrying light weapons like the P90 and my USP pistol. These are close in weapons and they provide the necessary speed boost for running. The game has physics on carrying weapons so running with either an assault rifle or a machine gun would slow us down.

Having the right set-up and the awareness of knowing what each perk does

Know your Gear:

Knowing one’s gear helps in effective battling. My sample build needed light weapons that can be used well for close battles w/o sacrificing firepower. Now not all weapons are available at the start. It’s going to be a challenge before getting the preferred weapon, but one can always use the available weapon at the start before getting the ‘best weapon’ for the job as a stop gap measure. One can also pick-up the nuances of a weapon and work with it to improve one’s performance.

The weapons are:


Assault Rifles:
    M4A1        FAMAS            SCAR-H       TAR-21
    FAL            M16A4            ACR            FN2000

Submachine Guns:
    MP5K            HK UMP45        Vector            P90

Light Machine Guns:
    L86SW            RPD            MG4            AUG HBAR

Sniper Rifles:
    Intervention        Barret 50        WA2000            M21 EBR

Tactical Shield


Machine Pistols:
    PP2000        Glock 18    M93 Raffica    Steyr TMP

    SPAS 12      AA-12        Striker        Ranger
    M1014        Model 1887

    USP 45        .44 Magnum    M9        Desert Eagle

Map Intel:

This one is pretty easy, learn the map on your own by creating your own private match and move around and learn the hiding places around it. To apply the lesson, try playing on Hardcore Team Deathmatch (as this game disables the player GUI). knowing the hiding places in a map helps as we can set-up ambushes

Knowing the Enemy:

Know the enemy player’s clothing as some will use the Cold Blooded Pro perk to mask away their names if they’re targeted. Using the build I made helped in making quick runs behind their positions and take them out one by one.

We should really not fight our enemies head on as there’s network lag and each player may not have the same connection speed. But if caught in a head on battle, either do a duck/dive and shoot to avoid his shots or in the case of having a lightweight player set-up and the distance is about pointblank, we can quickly go behind the enemy for a quick slash.

Another advise is to know the enemy’s role. If he’s a camper, all the better it is to be a target by the sample build, as it’s light and fast to get in to his location for a quick hit and run attack. However, enemies can call in UAV’s for scanning the battlefield and since we’re using Lightweight (Cold Blooded shares the same Perk level as this), we’d better reconsider our strategy.

Finally, through practice, practice, and some little bit of good internet connection and luck, we’ll be able to face our enemies well.

latest_mw2_record  (this is from another game)

It’s not common for me to get this kind of accolade after a match

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