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Roccat Savu Review

Aside from the Palit 670GTX that I got to play around with for 2 weeks. A mouse decided to drop by and be reviewed hands on by yours truly and see if it has any mettle with the other established brands.

savu2 savu1

Okay, so I got to play with a Roccat Savu gaming mouse. It was recently unveiled during the launch event for the Sapphire AMD 7000 series video cards last month. I had some short play time with it during the event and got myself a review unit for home use.


    with true 400, 800, 1600 or 4000dpi
    with Easy-Aim + Easy-Wheel functions
    16.8 million colors + effects and game profile illumination
    for extended slip-free play
    for advanced customization + presets for games & apps
    with perfectly-balanced weight
    with lock-in incremental steps
    with soft-touch, ultra-comfort surface
    offering a robust, stylish connection
    for true competition gaming
    for a solid build and long life

Technical Specifications

  • 4000dpi optical gaming sensor
  • Incl. Omron® switches
  • 60 inches per second maximum speed
  • 20G acceleration
  • 125, 250, 500, 1000Hz polling rate
  • Zero angle snapping
  • 1.8m braided USB cable

Now, onto the hardware. The Roccat (pronounced Rocket) Savu is an entry level gaming mouse. It’s a medium sized frame mouse similar in size with regular mice available. There are four useable buttons: the Left and Right Mouse Buttons, Mouse Wheel w/ Button and a side button. The 5th Button on the mouse is reserved for the Easy Shift Button (a shift button for the mouse). The body of the mouse is quite solidly built, something Roccat looks like have been pushing for sturdy products. It has a mix of rubbery texture on the mouse buttons and top body, while a rougher plastic finish is formed around the sides giving extra grip for users. The bottom material is made of a very slippery plastic material like Teflon, making it glide on my table w/o the use of a mouse pad. Also it has a braided cable, making it sturdier than a normal rubber cable.

The mouse itself is quite sensitive, running at a range of 400,800,1600 or 4000 dpi. Plus I’ve tried doing a start stop motion test to see if the pointer stops exactly when I stop – it does it quite well. Buttons are quire responsive however, due to the design of a Shift Button, it lacked the 5th mouse button I normally use when I run my Sidewinder for use as a crouch button. However, if I manually customize the mouse buttons using the Roccat Firmware application it corrects the situation, enabling me to add more control to the mouse (macros) using the shift keys. (not only in games but for office work too).

Against the ageing Sidewinder that I have, the Savu has its plus points for a grippy side texture, slippery pads, and highly accurate sensor. However, it is quite small for my hands (unless we’re talking about the Roccat Kone here), and the default 5th mouse button doesn’t work right out of the box (the shift key being disabled when playing games).  I can’t remember the actual price of the Sidewinder when I got it, but I think it’s around the same price as the Savu, making the Sidewinder more of a bang for the buck mouse (but with a less accurate mouse sensor) originally (and the fact that my unit’s already retired). At a price of Php 2499 here in the Philippines it’s an entry level gaming mouse (or $60 equivalent). I do find it weird that when the Sidewinder was out, it cost around Php 3,500 to to Php 4,000 now that’s just plain weird, it may be due to the previous distributor selling MS products at a higher price than normal before. Still, at today’s price, the Savu is a bang for the buck mouse that competes very well with the latest releases from other brands.

With this I’m rating the Savu a score of 8/10.


+ light, sturdy piece of mouse

+ nice grippy texture for the sides.

+ braided, no tangle cable

+ very accurate mouse sensor

+ bang for the buck against today’s gaming mice


– the Easy Shift key doesn’t get disabled while playing

– small for some people’s hands


SCORE: 8/10


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