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Halo 2 on Vista

June 14, 2007 Leave a comment
The Master Chief has landed on the PC… at long last. (uhh that’s roughly 4 years since it was released on the XBOX, and no, not on the 360). And he bought along the rest of the crew, and just about enough firepower satisfy our hunger for slaying each other online.
It wouldn’t be nice if the Chief didn’t bring extras along right?
Halo 2 for the PC still retains the epic story of Halo from the XBOX console. The Covenant reaches Earth and the Master Chief and company are up to the task in stopping their advance.
  • New features such as online gaming via our PCs through Games for Windows Live, a new service by Microsoft to enable PC gamers to experience the same thing that XBOX users have experienced in XBOX Live.
  • There’s a map editor where we could build our maps for our own enjoyment (to play various games we could think of using Halo 2’s various gameplay options). Also there are 2 new maps added over to this release that was not in the original Halo 2, called District and Uplift added by Halo 2 for the PC’s development team Hired Gun.
  • Other enhancements to the game include better graphics, to take advantage of the PC’s higher end video cards. The new Play and Tray technology lets us play the game as it installs it to our Hard Drives, like how we play video games on consoles.
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Games for Windows Live and Shadowrun

June 5, 2007 Leave a comment
That picture shown a while back is a sample of the new Games for Windows Live gaming service by Microsoft catering to having an XBOX Live like gaming service. It provides a hub of sorts from earning points to purchase demos, music, games and whatnot, and even interacting with other GFW Live users AND XBOX Live users too! Now for the first time, it is possible to have XBOX games play with PC games (Shadowrun’s one of these).
To learn more about Games for Windows Live, head on over to Games for Windows to get a scoop on what this service can offer too. And who knows, if we manage to generate enough noise here in the Philippines, we just might get the service available here.
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What is this?

June 5, 2007 Leave a comment
It should belong on the TV, but it’s on my computer monitor. What gives?
Review coming soon! HALO 2 is now on the PC!
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