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Upcoming Games for Windows Titles this Holiday!

October 29, 2007 3 comments

Here’s a quick list of upcoming games under the Games for Windows banner:

  1. Crysis
  2. Hellgate London
  3. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
  4. Universe at War: Earth Assault
  5. Clive Barker’s Jericho
  6. Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals
  7. BlackSite: Area 51
  8. Gears of War for Windows
  9. Spiderman Friend or Foe
  10. Age of Empires 3 The Asian Dynasties
  11. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  12. World in Conflict
  13. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration

And there’s a lot more on the top of my head that I’ve forgot to list down.

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The Thrill of Acceleration

October 22, 2007 Leave a comment

Soon to be reviewed!! Now here’s a teaser:


and a video (now I expect jaws dropping!)
Video: Flight Simulator Acceleration F18 Demo

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FIFA 2008 or Pro Evolution Soccer 08? You be the Judge!

October 6, 2007 2 comments

Ahh soccer, the world’s perennial sport, but sorry Philippines, but soccer is bigger than the much beloved basketball here. And I have two new offerings from the two gaming giants, Electronic Arts and Konami for soccer we can try out namely FIFA 08 and Pro Evolution Soccer 08.

And for 2007-2008, which among these is the better one?


To try the two games out, download them from Gamespot’s Download Manager.

FIFA 08: Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 08: Download

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World in Conflict Review

October 3, 2007 Leave a comment

It has been a week since I got my copy of World in Conflict and has played non-stop since then. I was able to finish the game last Sunday afternoon. And now is the perfect time for me to blog about the experience.

What I got was the standard retail package in minibox format, which came with:wic_cover

  1. The Game
  2. Game Manual 
  3. A documentary DVD of the Stragic Air Command from the History Channel
  4. And a bonus Demo disk for friends to try out (Multiplayer Trial)

But if the limited edition was released here (I wonder why they didn’t), it would come in a metal casing emblazoned with either the US or Soviet Union Flags. It also comes with a "piece of the Berlin Wall" (hmm did they really go to Berlin and looked for chunks of the Berlin Wall there? I will never know)

The entire premise of World in Conflict was that instead of the intended fall of Soviet Union in 1989, they started World War III by invading Western Europe. NATO retaliates but their forces are not enough to stop Soviet armors advance. The United States sends reinforcements to counter the invasion, and in a few weeks time, was able to re-take most of the regions invaded. However, the Soviet Union opens another front in the United States’ Western State of Washington. And from there the action continues.

The player takes on the role of Lt. Parker, a small unit commander who has returned from tour in Western Europe, as he and the rest of the defenders try to defend US soil from Soviet Attack. To aid him are ground troops: infantry, anti-tank troops, snipers, and airborne; ground vehicles: Humvees, APCs, tanks, artillery pieces, to aircraft: Little Birds, Cobras, Apaches, Blackhawks, F16s, A10s, F15s, B52’s, everything in the US arsenal to defend the country.


One of the nicest elements in the game is the graphics. World in Conflict is one of the most grahically detailed Real Time Tactical game under the Real Time Strategy umbrella. Why? One reason as to why it is said to be graphically excellent is that the level of detail made in the game graphically surpasses that of other games like Command and Conquer. If you look at the game’s character design from different zoom levels, we could see how detailed each unit was detailed. If we look at each closely, we could see the weapon, face and equipment. And if we look at other vehicles, we could see some markings, as well as some things that are attached, like bags, extra armor. Another nice detail to the game is that the environment is destructible, like in Company of Heroes (another game I’d like to review when I finish it later).  World in Conflict is also one of the early Direct X10 adopters, taking advantage of the new lighting effects in the game and added detail to the water animation. Another nice effect is that once DX10 is on, craters made with artillery shells will in effect cause vehicles or infantry to fall in the pit blocking the line of sight. This adds some additional factor when it comes to combat. Other DX10 effects is realistic lighting, if the sky is obscured by clouds, the sun’s rays would try to peep out of the gaps of the clouds giving light rays.


In World in Conflict, instead of hearing the sound of background music playing through a level, we’ll hear the crackle of radio traffic (just to keep the drama going). Also background OSTs won’t mix well with loud explosions, bullet fire and radio chatter wouldn’t it? But still there’s SOME music in this game. The Cure, and Audioslave provided music in the game’s cut-scenes.


It’s a mouse and keyboard game with all controls set-up down pat. The WASD keys could be used to move around the battlefield, while the mouse is used for selecting units, ordering units, zooming and panning the views. I don’t know if the game will support the XBOX360 controller since it will come to the X360 later on.


The game is fast and furious, there’s no need for building bases, instead we’re given credits to spend on our units and we earn credits through either completing an objective, destroying an enemy, or having one of my units wiped out. Instead of barracks or war factories, which in real life is completely illogical (imagine in a battleground, we see people building structures that produce tanks and soldiers); units/reinforcements are sent via air drop. Another nice thing, which was based from C&C General’s powers specialty, is the ability to call in airstrikes, airborne troops, artillery barrages…. or a tactical nuke strike (only in multiplayer). For multiplayer matches, get friends to challenge each by choosing a role (Infantry, Armored, Artillery or Air Support), kinda like Battlefield but with units you control. And the nice thing about this is that you really have to help each other out in trying to win because each role has its strengths or weakness.

To this end, World in Conflict refreshes the RTS landscape by providing something different – fast paced, hard core action, coupled by a wonderful storyline and cool Multiplayer. Solid Strategy Game of the Year. (Starcraft 2 will probably take the throne next year so no worries here.)

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