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Games for Windows Community Content: Nacht der Untoten (Call of Duty World at War, Night of the Undead) Tips

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Wow, tips for Games for Windows titles are now little by little trickling out from the website.

Here’s one sample taken from Call of Duty: World at War’s Nacht der Untoten (German for Night of the Undead), a fun mini-game where the point is to survive as long as possible against the mass of undead Nazis (I guess the all the Nazis killed since Call of Duty 1). It can be played both by one player or up to four cooperative mates (very helpful in the long run).

The challenge of playing the game gets harder each passing level. Here are some tips to survive a tad little longer:

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Jam Legend

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Now here’s something. While looking at some of my Yahoo! Messenger Contacts, I managed to find a link from one of my contacts regarding a music game with the likes of Guitar Hero… only it’s online.

Enter Jam Legend. Right now it’s Beta, but it’s worth taking a look and try.


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Macross VOXP on Windows 7 and Vista Review

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

   I’ve been a fan of Macross stuff since I was a kid and one of the more ‘must find’ memorabilia would be the video games that Japan churns out once in a blue moon. Since the creation of Macross, various games went with it starting with the classic side scrolling Macross Game, then came the ‘upgraded’ version of the side scrolling classic Macross Do You Remember Love (sporting bigger and better art, nifty gimmicks such as 2D/3D level design and multi-missile attacks that actually swarm, not spread out). During the PlayStation era, aside from the DYRL, then came the 3D games like Macross VFX and Macross VFX 2, which gave players the feel of being in a dog fight, spinning around and dodging side-to-side like heck. The tradition lives up to day on the PSP, Macross Ace Frontier (which I loooooveee playing even at work, even with my busy schimageedule)

But since this is a PC games blog, let’s back track a bit to the year 2000. During this time, there came a Macross PC game, the only simulator style game called Macross VO.  It originally ran on Windows 95, 98 and Me, and with the release of the NT based Windows (2000 and XP) came some compatibility problems and it was re-released as Macross VOXP. I was figuring out how to play this over Vista and 7, and it’s quite simple. Just set the compatibility option to Windows XP SP2, and it should work like a dream.

*Pardon for the heavy technical Jargon in this blog post, as I’d expect not everyone knows Macross. I’ll try posting some background info after the article.*

Unlike the other Macross game releases, the Macross VOXP game didn’t touch on the other series except for the original 1980s show and movie. Meaning we’re stuck with variations of the legendary VF-1 Valkyrie fighter, and Zentreadi/Meltrandi units. However, there’s a big selection of weapons load out depending on our custom character’s level. The higher the level, the more credits to use more advanced Valkyries, like the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie, specialized gun pods and a wide range of missiles.

Another bit that separates this game amongst other games is that we required to reload are armaments, since the developers made it quite similar to an air combat simulator. Aside from just reloading and repairing our damaged craft, we’re also open to upgrade our fighter, and/or improve our weapons.

For its time, the game did boast relatively nice graphics, but required minimum hardware support (a 32MB video card with a measly 30MHz graphics processing would do well). I have it installed on a Windows 7 powered EEE PC 900 (Intel Celeron) and runs relatively fast. The only pixelation that is very noticeable would be the in-game videos, as they were built for lower resolution monitors back then. The player graphics, however, is scalable to the latest sizes.

The game interface is relatively straightforward, we have a map, the target reticule, life gauge, fuel gauge, speed, enemy target, and selected weapons. The only gripe would be the clutter of the targeted enemies as represented by hexagons on screen. There would be an orange hexagon to indicate the targeted enemy but it usually fails to give proper marking. Also another annoyance would be the popup of character text as it would block the speed, armor and fuel gauges partly.

   VOXP-en 2009-03-23 21-48-55-51 VOXP-en 2009-03-23 21-50-19-54 VOXP-en 2009-03-23 21-50-16-46

Though for all intent, the way the targets are presented to be similar to the anime where enemies are shown to be targeted one by one by the heroes then missiles are released to take them down all at once. This provides that high feeling of being part of the show.

Model wise, the artists in the game faithfully designed the VF-1s to be exact to their show counterparts. from the parts down to their decals. The only thing that’s quite off in my opinion would be the flight physics of the craft, as it seems a bit loose.

Control wise, it’s indeed built with the PC in mind as it utilizes many of the keyboard keys for flight. I myself use my X360 Controller for playing, but the controls are quite limited. The game has controls for: target prioritization (cap ship, or fighter), another would be ECM (yes they have it here), Chaff (again, they have it here), and Autopilot (!!!)

VOXP-en 2009-03-23 21-51-07-78  VOXP-en 2009-03-23 21-48-53-31 VOXP-en 2009-03-23 21-47-10-69

As far as customizations go, we can’t change the overall appearance of our craft (color and all), but with the assortment of VF-1 types, there’s quite a handful to choose from. However, for the most part, we can change the type of missiles we carry (as long as we have the points to get them), gunpod, laser, or cannon.

Missiles range from the regular missiles, to long range missiles, to micro missiles that have the best maneuvering but with poorer power, to high maneuver missiles (regular missiles that have the maneuvering power of the micro missiles), and nuclear missiles. One nice trick is to mix up the variety of missiles loaded ex. missile/micro-missile/micro-missile/large missile or high maneuver missile/micro-missile/nuke/micro-missile, etc. The provided setup helps in putting in as much missile to a target in the least amount possible time, unlike having the same missiles. (I’ll try getting a video of that up)

For further customization, there’s quite a number of people who’re working on modifying the game to include designs coming from latter part of the series, like the YF-19, YF-21, and even I’ve hear there’s going to be skins from the recent Macross Frontier series VF-25 mecha.

Unfortunately though, getting this game will be quite hard, since it was out of production for over 7 years I believe.

Source for Macross background information:

Macross Compedinum
Macross Mecha Manual
Macross Mecha Designs

These are all english sites (as the official ones are Japanese only)

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Street Fighter IV Combat Manual of Sorts

March 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Though it’s not out for the PC yet. I’m sharing Capcom’s Manual (usually issued to game reviewers) I found linked over at Joystiq.

*disclaimer* It’s quite big. And if you’re planning to print it, make sure to make it into a nice book. The art blows me away!!

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