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Review: XFX Black Edition 850 Watt Power Supply

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Taking a slight deviation from reviewing video games, I was approached by the local distributor of XFX, a leader in performance PC hardware, to do a simple test and review of their new product: the XFX Black Edition 850 Watt Power Supply.

The Build:

The XFX power supply provided to me is a well made unit. It has a very solid build throughout, there’s no feeling that it was built with cheaper material with the likes of emerging mainstream brands. Though made in China, most of its parts are Japanese, giving assurance of a very long operating time.

The PSU is primarily colored matte black, with neon green highlights. The rear end has a low profile grille with the power cable socket and a power switch, as well as the XFX logo. Underneath the unit is a large neon green cooling fan (140mm), which provides a whisper quiet operation while running. At the front is the main power cable for the motherboard and the modular cable sockets, eight of them. There are 9 varying cables included in the set, and these are placed inside an XFX branded sealable bag. All of the cables have black nylon net ‘covers’ to bundle the cables properly.

The main power cable has the 24pin plugs, 2x 4pin plugs and 2x Video Card plugs. This is the primary configuration of the Power supply, as it ensures power is distributed directly to the primary computer components. In my review, I only added one cable with a 4 pin Molex plug for use to my DVD R/W Drive and another going to my SATA HDD adapters.


Performance wise, once the PC is turned on, the only sound would come from the power supply would be… none. That’s because of the design of the fan having more blades than the typical power supply. As my PC is running overclocked, the 850Watt supply has no problem in providing the necessary output the processor needs.

Here is the power specification of the 850W Black Edition:

AC Input 100-240VAC, 12-6A, 50/60Hz
DC Output
+3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5SB
24A 30A 70A 0.8A 3A
150W 840W 9.6W 15W

… I don’t actually am able to read all of this stuff and understand what it is, but I can say:  The amperage for the 12V rail is high!  To refresh our memories of electronics class, here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on Power Supply Units:

To put it simply, the XFX power supply is built with a single 12volt rail (unlike other brands that have multiple rails); however, it has a 70 Amp current limit that lets us to plug in multiple devices onto the single rail. Since the rail has 70 Amperes of current, there’s no need to think of getting the right combination of device plugged into the rails of a multi rail power supply unit.

Using the power supply on my PC, a more steady power made the overclocking of my PC run smoother, there were not much lag in Civilization V, which required the processor to run AI players’ decisions, and load time was shortened a bit. Unlike my default power supply that was running on full load, the Black Edition didn’t break sweat. Other than that, the fan is whisper quiet when I left the PC on while downloading stuff (and turning down my video card’s cooling fan speed).


The XFX Black Edition 850W power supply, a new entry in the local scene boasts of a solid build, great performance and I’ve heard from the distributor, it will be a bang for your buck kit for your gaming PC!

 Update 10/16/2010: As of this time, I was informed that the pricing for this Power Supply locally will be in the range of Php 6,500 and up.


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