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Antec Releases the Eleven Hundred Gaming Case

If the P280 enclosure isn’t your cup of tea and wanted grilles and transparent windows to see your machine’s innards and your masterful art of cable management, then the new Antec Eleven Hundred Gaming case would be your cup of tea.

1100_q1Breaking the design habit found in the Nine Hundred case and the more economical One Hundred Enclosure (the prime numbered series have the same look, the even numbered series have a more skeletal design if you look at them).

The Eleven Hundred, being a top tier enclosure, features the size and girth to allow up to XL-ATX sized boards. It supports 11 drive bays (seven of them 3.5” and four of them 5.5”) supporting 2.5” drives as well by installing dedicated 2.5” drive bays onto them. Also worth mentioning is the use of screw less tension clips (less issues with screwing/unscrewing the drives from their case (or losing screws in the process).

The Cooling System design for this enclosure is well thought of. Sporting a 200mm fan w/ blue LED with a switch. The usual 120mm fan mount at the rear of the board is there and it fits the Kuhler 920 snuggly without any problems. The front panel allows up to four 120mm fans to cool the drives inside the case. Another nice touch is having a 120mm fan behind the motherboard to cool its bottom side. However the package only includes the 200mm fan and the rear fan. To aid in keeping the entire system clean, dust filters are located in the front and PSU intake sides of the Eleven Hundred. It helps in staving off heat conductive dust from gathering.

The nice thing about large cases is that cable management is relatively easy, having multiple grommetted (rubber edges) holes surrounding the motherboard.

Compared to other casings out there, it has a total of 4 USB ports in front (2 of them USB 3.0 ports), up to XL-ATX board size, a cooling fan can be installed behind the motherboard tray, and surprisingly, it costs Php 5,750 everything for it, compared to other more expensive casings in the market.


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