About Jai

Hi everyone and welcome to my Gaming Extra website that is going to provide you with all the products and information that you need in order to create an awesome gaming setup of your own, gaming is fun, but really immersing yourself within the gaming experience is much funner!


I have had a strong passion for gaming from a very young age and it has always been one of my favourite hobbies just like millions of other kids out there.

As time-wasting as it can be, it was a way to connect and keep in touch with friends in an evolving world were the older generations may feel the youngers are more unsociable than ever, but the gaming has always brought me much joy, and of course sometimes frustration, over the years.


Use this site to really find what you believe would look and feel best for you, a new headset to enable you to hear them footsteps coming around the corner, a new mouse and keypad to give you the ultimate fast control that you require.

What will it be for you to take your gaming experience to the next level?

All the best,

Founder Of Gaming Extra


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