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Review of Fable 3 on the PC

July 26, 2011 2 comments

Fable 3 was release sometime last May for the PC (while the XBox 360 came out last year) as a port. The second Fable didn’t made it to the PC due to the preference of the XBox 360 as its platform when it was in development last 2008.

Fable3 2011-07-15 03-06-24-07

Fable 3 starts off where Fable 2 ended, the previous hero, now king has passed away, leaving his kingdom, Albion, in the care of his eldest son, Logan. However, for strange reason, Logan’s behavior changed after 4 years in his reign. Now the player assumes the role of the younger brother, the inheritor of the previous hero’s title. The hero along with some loyal retainers from the royal family plot a coup to take back the throne and rebuild the country.

Unlike Role Playing Games out there, Fable 3’s system is quite dumbed down. There’s no HP stat displayed nor life bar. There’s some physical/magic stats but there’s no complex rating save for a maximum level of 5 stars only. These stats can be improved upon through plot points in the game. Weapons are aplenty, however one can use the same weapon found at the start up until the end of the game. Control is simple use of the X, Y, B buttons for sword, gun and magic. All of the attacks can be charged to perform high damage attacks.

Fable3 2011-07-15 03-29-12-80 Fable3 2011-07-15 03-30-44-79

The game shines through its ‘social’ feature where the player earns guild points (currency used to acquire skills and improve overall weapon power), and standard to the game, the player can make friends with the citizens of Albion and get married. Also, the player can change clothes, however unlike previous Fable titles, there’s no defense bonus to be had with clothing anymore. It now plays more on making the player attractive to the populace of Albion. Plus, there’s a feature of buying properties in and around Albion, similar to Assassins Creed 2 to help in earning money. Players can play-coop in a similar fashion as Fable 2 where either player can appear on their own version of Albion and complete quests. However, the game is quite short if

And of course, as the game is conceptualized by Peter Molyneux, there would be some humor found in the game (see screenshots). And he still has a thing with chickens.

Fable 3 isn’t your typical Role Playing Game for the hardcore, it’s more like a weekend morning cartoon, easy to pick up and easy to drop.


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